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September 7, 2022

WWhile the adverse effects of smoking are a stranger to no one, less light has been shed on the consequences of using tobacco for oral health.

Known for being the culprit behind lung cancer, degrading the quality of the lungs, and causing breathing problems, the use of tobacco is as dangerous to your oral health as it is to the rest of your body. Your dentist in Goa shall inform and educate you regarding how tobacco affects your oral health. 

The dental problems caused by smoking:

Bad Breath, Tooth Discoloration and Degradation of Teeth:
Tobacco leaves themselves have tiny particles that are abrasive, thus when mixed with saliva it forms a texture that degrades the quality of teeth.

  1. Leads to Oral Cancer:
    Smokers are more likely to develop oral cancer than non-smokers.
  2. Interferes with Blood Circulation:
    The damage caused by smoking reduces blood flow, increases bacteria and inflammation. Due to this, it becomes difficult to replace missing teeth.
    For example, bridges and implants can be difficult to work with because the entire jaw and supporting teeth are not strong enough for these procedures. Your dentist in Goa shall explain the entire process.
  3. Creates Plaque and Tartar:
    When the chemicals of tobacco mix with your saliva it helps oral bacteria stick to your teeth better. If not regularly removed, it forms into tartar which has to be professionally removed. It also weakens gums and causes tooth decay. Ensure to check in with your dentist in Margao or dentist in Goa to reduce the possible damage if any.

Smoking and Gum Disease:

Smoking and tobacco products affect the bone and soft tissue of the teeth which causes gum diseases. This makes smokers more gullible to infections and it also affects wound healing. There are many more aspects to how smoking affects the gums, it’s best to let your dentist in Goa update you with risks involved with smoking.

Chewing Tobacco and the adverse effects:

Chewing Tobacco is also known as smokeless tobacco and is equally dangerous. A good dentist in Goa shall educate you on how chewing tobacco causes numerous types of cancers such as pancreas, lip, tongue, and mouth. There’s also an increased risk of tooth decay as sugar is added to chewing tobacco and it also increases the sensitivity of the tooth. 

One of the main risks of chewing tobacco is the risk for cancer of the oesophagus, colon and bladder as the toxic juice of the tobacco is swallowed while chewing.

What about Pipes and Cigars?

Contrary to popular belief, pipes and cigars are equally as bad as cigarettes. They are both also susceptible to tooth loss, oral and throat cancer, as well as teeth discolouration and bad breath. 

Remedies and Precautionary Measures: 

Ideally speaking, the best precautionary method would be to prevent getting into the habit of smoking or trying to quit the habit altogether. 

However it’s easier said than done, a good dentist in Goa shall help decrease the risk of harmful effects of tobacco by giving you a good oral regime for you to follow. 

Ensure that your dental routine is up to the mark with healthy dental habits: 

  • Brush at least twice a day.
  • Floss often to remove any plaque to avoid tartar build-up. 
  • Visit a dentist regularly for check-ups as well as professional cleanings.
  • The most effective method is to quit the usage of tobacco. 

We at SmileCraft, dentistry in Goa help our clients fight the adverse effects of consuming tobacco. Tobacco is extremely detrimental to oral health and it’s best to care for your oral health as soon as possible to avoid harmful diseases. As one of the best dentists in Goa, 

we use habit-breaking appliances to help to the ideal goal of perfect oral health.

If you’re looking for a dentist in Goa or a dentist in Margao, contact us at SmileCraft. We’re in this battle together to fight for good oral health. 

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