Dental Implant


Endosteal Dental Implants
This is one of the most utilised dental implants treatment, especially while replacing single tooth dental implants to even multiple missing teeth. These implants are fixed into the bone over which the prosthetic teeth are fixed. Ideally used in cases where patients want fixed teeth. They are fast, convenient and can be used instead of dental bridges as they do not require trimming of the adjacent teeth.
All On 4 Dental Implants
The All on 4 Dental Implants are used in case of a patient completely missing teeth. In this kind of dental implant treatment, the entire teeth set is replaced upon 4 dental implants. Another advantage of the all on 4 technique is that it can be done in areas where bone support isn’t adequate. The treatment duration with all on 4 dental implants can vary between 6-8 months and different types of dental implants can be used for the all on 4 dental implants treatment.
Full Mouth Dental Implants
Full Mouth Dental Implants are indicated when all teeth are missing. Full mouth dental implants does not mean replacing each and every tooth with an implant. Quite often, 6- 8 dental implants are placed in each jaw over which teeth are replaced. The duration of treatment varies from case to case and can range anywhere between 3 to 7 months. For people looking for affordable dental implants in case of completely missing teeth, this treatment option is excellent.

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental Implants are used to replace missing teeth. When you loose a tooth, the neighbouring teeth tend to drift into the missing tooth space and can affect stability. Dental Implants are the closest replacement to natural teeth as they look, function and feel just like natural teeth. For affordable dental implants in Goa, do visit our dental implant clinic in Panjim

Why Should I Get Dental Implants?

  • Long-term Solution : Dental Implants when compared to dentures and bridges are very durable and aesthetic.10 year implant survival rates studies so success rate well above 95% .
  • Functionality : The closest replacement option to natural teeth are dental implants. Since a dental implant also replaces the root portion of your natural tooth, the functionality and behaviour is similar to natural teeth. Unlike bridges, trimming of your adjacent teeth when placing dental implants are not needed making dental implants less invasive.
  • Easy To Maintain : Owing to the fact that you can floss and brush with dental implants just like natural teeth, they are easy to maintain and thus last long. Plus, you can enjoy all your favourite food with dental implants just like with natural teeth.
  • Prevents Bone Loss : Dental implants behave like natural teeth and stimulates the jaw bone. This prevents it from wearing out and reducing in height after an extraction.
  • Aesthetics : Missing a tooth, especially a front tooth can impact one’s self confidence. Dental implants look, feel and behave like natural teeth and are very aesthetic.Thus, they help restore one’s self confidence!
  • Cost-Effectiveness : While a bridge or denture may seem cheaper due to lower upfront costs, however in the long run a dental implant is more durable and long lasting. The need to replace dental implants in the long run is lesser and hence more cost effective in the long run.

Recovery after Dental Implants Treatment?

Getting dental implants treatment done is a minor surgical procedure. The initial recovery time post surgery varies and can take anywhere from 3-10 days. It is essential to maintain oral hygiene after surgery so that the implants fuse correctly with your jaw bone. The final healing duration varies between 3-7 months and varies depending upon the type of bone and if bone grafting was done or not. Post recovery, it is essential that you maintain good oral hygiene for your dental implants to last you long.

Post-treatment Care

Post getting a dental implants, mild to moderate amount of post operative discomfort can be there which is normal. Apply ice packs to reduce the incidence of a swelling and take all your prescribed medication. In case of mild bleeding, apply pressure with a gauge pack. Ensure your constantly hydrated and consume a lot of fresh fruits and soft food. Refrain from drinking anything hot for 2 days as it can cause swelling.

Dental Implants vs Bridges 

Dental Implant


Replaces the root of the tooth.

Does not replace the root of the tooth

Does not require adjacent teeth to be trimmed

Requires adjacent teeth to be trimmed

Easier to maintain

More difficult to maintain







Have Questions about Dental Implants Treatment? We Have Answers

    • Can a dental implant be done in anyone?

A dental implant can be done in any person with damaged teeth or no teeth who are healthy and have no major systemic disease. A proper oral examination with the aid of X-Rays will help your dentist decide the best dental implant for you as per your oral condition.

    • Are dental implants better than a bridge?

Yes. In order to fit a bridge , your dentist will have to trim healthy adjacent teeth which can be avoided with dental implants.

    • Are  dental implants noticeable?

No, as Dental implants replace the root portion of your tooth as well, they look and feel like natural teeth. Your crown on top of the dental implant will also be matched to your original teeth.This makes It very unnoticeable from the external appearance. Visit us to know more about dental implants in Panjim.

    • How many teeth can be replaced by dental implants

Multiple damaged teeth can easily be replaced with dental implants. Even the entire set of teeth can be replaced by anywhere between four implants to eight implants.

    • How much do is Dental Implant cost in Panjim?

The cost of a dental implant varies from Rs.25,000 – 40,000. This depends upon the type of implant used and if an additional procedures like bone grafting are required before the Dental Implants surgery. Post surgery, fixing a replacement tooth has additional charges depending on the type of replacement prosthesis used. Your dentist will determine the best implant for you and give you an estimated cost for the surgery after a proper consultation and radiographic examination.

    • What is bone grafting?

Bone grafting is a procedure done if your jawbone is not thick enough to support an implant. Bone grafting involves putting a graft of bone to your existing jawbone. This piece of bone can be from another site of your body or even synthetic and will take several months to grow and support an implant.

    • Is getting Dental Implants painful?

No! The Dental Implant Procedure is less painful than a tooth extraction! At Smile Craft, Our Implantologist Dentists are skilled and will ensure you have a comfortable experience.

  • Are dental implants expensive?

No, we have different types of affordable dental implants depending upon a patients needs and budget. While the upfront cost of a dental implants may seem more, when seen over how long they will last it becomes more economical. We provide affordable dental implants in Goa at both our Panjim and Margao clinic.

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