Problems that we can fix with Dental Lasers

Laser dentistry is very useful in treatments such as teeth whitening without any anaesthetic. Lasers offer benefits like Increased accuracy along with Reduced pain and bleeding .Get the Top Laser Dentistry in Panjim by Smile Craft Goa
Teeth Whitening procedures are also done using Lasers in a dental clinic. laser energy is used to activate A peroxide bleaching solution which is applied to the surface of your teeth. Treatment such as Zoom Teeth Whitening uses low intensity dental lasers which enhances the outcome by giving quick results. Visit our dentist in Panjim today to know more about Laser Teeth Whitening In Goa.
Gum Depigmentation
Treatment of pigmented black gums utilise Low intensity soft tissue dental lasers to remove the pigmentation. The laser gently removes the pigmented outer layer of the gum and allows fresh skin to form on the top. Laser Gum Depigmentation treatment takes approximately one hour and can be done in a single appointment. Post operative, there is minimum discomfort and healing generally takes around one week.
Sensitive Teeth
Ice Cream, Cold beverages and certain favourite treats of yours can sometimes be dreadful owing to teeth sensitivity. Dental lasers can be used to treat teeth sensitivity and work by sealing the exposed roots of your teeth that cause hot and cold tooth sensitivity. Laser dentistry can be used to eliminate most of the sensitivity that you experience by restoring decayed teeth and replacing leaking restorations.
Gum Diseases
Gum disease can lead to tooth loss in adults. The bacteria causing inflammation around teeth leading to inflamed gums can be removed with dental lasers. With lasers, The infected gum tissues are effectively treated without cutting into your gums eliminating the need for a traditional blade. Precise targeting of the infected tissue can be done to preserve more of your healthy tissue through laser treatments.
Gummy Smile
Excess gum tissue or short teeth can lead you to see more gums than your teeth when you smile. Reshaping the excess gum tissues and underlying bone can be done using dental lasers. This procedure is called Laser Crown Lengthening and is effective in exposing the full length of your teeth. This when done along with dental veneers & other cosmetic dentistry treatment can give you a beautiful smile.
Laser Assisted Root Canals
Soft tissue lasers are used for sterilising the infected Root Canals. This ensures that root canal is completely sterile from all the infection causing bacteria as they are killed with the dental laser. The predictability along with accuracy and of a root canal treatment is enhanced with the help of dental lasers. Lasers are also used to stop bleeding and clear the operating field in cases of severely inflamed dental pulp tissues.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

  • Requires very little or no anaesthesia
  • Great tool for anxious patients
  • Safe around restorations such as crowns and dental implants.
  • Quick & painless treatment
  • Enhanced healing of gums and the surrounding tissues
  • minimum post operative discomfort
  • No bleeding and swelling during dental surgeries
  • Stitches can be avoided hence no scarring.
  • No vibration and noise unlike a dental drill
  • Sterilises the affected areas and reduces the risk of infection.








 Laser Dentistry Treatment in Panjim – FAQ’s

    • Are Dental lasers safe?

Yes, laser treatment when done by a trained dentist is both safe and effective. A dentist who keeps up with the technological advancements will give you protective eye wear before the procedure. At Smile Craft Goa high quality equipment’s are used and we assure full safety by giving you protective eyewear that can prevent any exposure to the lasers.

    • Why is Laser Therapy better than dental drills?

Yes, lasers are preferred over the traditional drills as they work faster and are more effective. The discomfort experienced when lasers are used are also lesser as they are very precise and do not cause much bleeding. Reduced bacterial attacks and Less damage of healthy tissue occurs with dental lasers and no anaesthesia is required. Laser dental procedures also result in decreased healing time.

    • Can a Root Canal be done using lasers ?

Laser root canal treatment have better efficiency as compared to conventional ones as they work by sterilising the root canal and eliminating infection causing bacteria.

    • Do the laser treatments hurt?

Laser dentistry treatment is very comfortable and has faster healing time. While no treatment is totally pain-free, the need for post operative medicines is also less.

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