September 28, 2022

My husband and I, have been living in London for the past 25 years and in the last 10 years we have been really struggling with our teeth especially my husband. After spending lots of time and energy to find the right dentist in London, we decided to go to Goa as unfortunately our experiences in London were disappointment after disappointment. After researching on the internet I came across Smile Craft dental practice which had excellent reviews, not a bad review, I got in touch with Dr Pereira who responded very quickly. I explained to him our issues and what we wanted to achieve which was functionality and aesthetic. We wanted to find the joy of eating and smiling again, to be pain free! Although the time differences communicating with Dr P. was easy and we decided to make an appointment and to go ahead with the trip! Once we got to Goa, we met all the team at Smile Craft. What we asked Dr. P to do was very challenging as we could only stay for 17 days and we were on a tight budget too. Not once we felt pressured to spend more money on our treatment in contrary: Dr P was extremely honest, professional, patient, ethical and showed lots of care. There is no doubt that he loves his job and that his priority it is to help his patients as much as he can. As he says: “He doesn’t promise miracle but he will do his best!” So this is what I had done on 17 days: 3 bridges with Ziracone crowns, one crown replacement, 2 very complicate root canals (which none of my dentist in London ever cared to find out where my infections came from!), 2 posts to be constructed to be able to support my bridges, clean and polish and whitening. I must also mention the amazing job of Dr Beverly that comes to the practice to work with Dr P and did my root canal! She did a superb job with such kind manner. I was very frightened of RC but she explained every step of the way and reassured me all the time! She saved my mouth! I wonder what would have happen to me if I didn’t go to Smile Craft. Dr Manoj also works at the practice and always have excellent advices to give and he is such a nice person to talk to. Of course there is Shreya the Receptionist with her beautiful smile and always a kind word too. My husband Rachid also had lots of work done. He suffers from periodontal (gum disease) which caused him to loose lots of teeth in the last 5 years and he wasn’t able to eat properly anymore. He also didn’t like his front teeth and he wanted to change them. He was always at the dentist with an antibiotics treatment because of his endless infections. So he had done: all his front teeth, (7 crowns), 1 bridge, 1 flexi denture, 1 clean and polish and whitening. Now he has found again the joy of eating and smiling. He can’t speak highly enough about all the Doctors and especially Dr Avita, who worked so hard to make him the best denture possible and to make his temporary crowns the most confortable possible. We spent lots of time at their practice which was very easy due to their endless care and kindness. We felt as their part of their family. Smile Craft is more than just a dental practice and my words do not give justice to what they do. On return to London my husband needed further more support and guidance around his oral hygiene and pain prevention Dr Peirera didn’t hesitate to answer to his questions despite of the time difference. In whole our dental treatment has far exceeded our expectation and for it we are deeply grateful and relieved. To everyone looking for top dental work, Smile Craft is probably your very best option. We can not thank them enough. Florence and Rachid.

Florence Bouriah

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