September 28, 2022

While Dr. Schuyler was showing me a presentation about the cases he has worked with in the past, I requested him for an appointment for me. I had managed to create a personal record of not visiting a dentist for many many many years.

The moment I walked in to Smile Craft Goa & got my check up done, Dr. Schuyler with his high – tech equipment (including cameras that zoomed into my teeth) helped me understand why it was extremely important to visit a Dentist every six months. My previous dentist had used low cost cheap filling material which can still be spotted in my teeth. You can easily compare Dr. Schuyler’s quality vs my previous dentist & state why Dr. Schuyler’s quality is 100 Times better. Doctor immediately took care of all that was needed & the results were superb. I can with confidence refer my friends to visit Dr. Schuyler for his extensive knowledge & understanding in Dentistry. The Clinic was well maintained & follows high hygiene standards making it one of cleanest clinics in the state.

Viresh Vazirani

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