Why Your Kid’s Dental Care Is Important?

October 5, 2021

Have you ever felt that milk teeth do not need treatment considering they are eventually going to fall off? Think Again! Here are a few reasons why it is important to take your kid to a child dentist routinely.

Milk teeth are important for nutrition and overall health:

Baby teeth play a vital role in enabling your child to chew food efficiently and break it
down for the body to metabolize it, thereby supplying your child with the nutrition required for growth and development. Issues with your child’s milk teeth can affect chewing ability thereby causing nutritional, developmental issues, and indigestion. It’s important you take your kid to a child dentist routinely to detect potential dental issues early.

They maintain space for permanent teeth:

Teeth have a tendency to move towards a missing space, if your child loses a tooth
early, the teeth behind it start moving. This leads to the permanent teeth getting ‘locked in” and not coming into their proper position. A pediatric dentist can check for this and take appropriate preventive measures.

Infection in milk teeth can affect underlying permanent teeth:

Yes, infected milk teeth if not treated can result in the infection spreading to the
developing permanent teeth that are present under them. This can affect them and cause
them to become structurally weak. Your child’s dentist is trained to perform a pulpectomy
which is a procedure used to treat the infection and ensure your child’s teeth remain healthy!

Speech and confidence:

Your Child’s front teeth also aid in speech and prevent lisping. Loss of front teeth can
hamper speech and can also negatively affect the Child’s self-esteem and confidence.

Why choose Smile Craft as your child’s dental care partner?

Our kid-friendly dentists and friendly atmosphere are what constantly make us one of the best child dentists in Margao-Goa. We are constantly rated as one of the best pediatric dentists in goa and have advanced facilities to cater to special needs dentistry and sedation-based dentistry.

Everyone needs a dentist at some point. But some people need it more than the others. If you’re someone who does then you can benefit the most from seeing a dentist who specifically caters to the expertise. Here’s everything you need to know about special needs dentistry for your next pearly white appointment.

What is special needs dentistry?

Special needs dentistry is a branch of dentistry for which doctors undergo additional training, alongside their assistants and other staff. 

When looking for a dentist, parents of SHCN ( special health care needs) patients should find a practitioner who understands the wide range of issues these patients face, and can accommodate those needs.

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